Bond Accountability Commission

Monitoring the construction and renovation program of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District

What We Do

William Rainey Harper

William Rainey Harper

The Bond Accountability Commission is an independent, non-profit, all-volunteer organization appointed by the chair of the Board of Education in consultation with the Cleveland Mayor.

In authorizing the current BAC, the Board of Education resolved that the Commission’s responsibilities include monitoring implementation of and revisions to the Facilities Master Plan; working to review the design, engineering, contract bidding and awards, procurement, and construction of projects funded by the voter-approved Issue 14 and Issue 4; communicating its findings to the community; regularly reporting to the Board; holding public meetings; and issuing an annual report.

A Memorandum of Understanding signed in February 2007 by leaders of the Bond Accountability Commission 2, Inc., and the School District states that the mission of the BAC is to “inform the public concerning the expenditure of funds by the School District for the School Facilities Projects.” The memorandum says that to accomplish its mission, the BAC has the “authority to monitor and review the development, content and implementation of the Facilities Master Plan; the construction of the School Facilities Projects; and the expenditure of Issue 14 Funds.”

The memorandum commits the District to support the oversight process by providing access to records, documents and other information in order to “enable full and fair participation by the public in the evaluation of the School District’s plans to acquire, build, repair, replace, and modernize the School Facilities.”


In addition to an Annual Report we produce special publications such as:

  • Master Plan Update on what can be built based on student enrollment figures
  • Program Progress, reports on current construction and costs
  • Community Inclusion, minority/female contracting and workforce participation
  • Financing, CMSD handling of Issue 14 bonds and half mill levy

We hold at least four public meetings each year to discuss and share updates.

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